Sunday, 8 July 2012

Visit the Exhibition before the next Tooth and Clawr Session

Stan Denniston Los Sonadores

This stunning group show will be the focus of our next Tooth and Clawr session. The curatorial concept has derived from a line in Phillip Larkin's poem 'I remember, I remember'. The show deals with the ideas of a slow, burning personal history with place and memory. A sense of struggle can be seen throughout the show- most of the work is created through labour intensive processes: knitting ones guilt in Andy Holden piece, pushing a heavy block of ice on the harsh streets of Mexico City (Francis Alys), making a perfect monument through bronze casting a redundant piece of cardboard. Making the monumental out of the overlooked and discarded also features as a thread throughout the exhibition. George Shaw's eerie paintings of familiar back alley ways, paths and hostile local areas are painstakingly painted in a way that celebrates these overlooked areas.
Stan Dennistons 'Sonodares' video installation contests the ancient idea of the canine as 'Man's best friend'. Homeless, unloved and living on Cuba's streets, the dogs featured in the video work take rest in public places before being awakened by a noise that slowly moves them on to the next dwelling place. The looping of this film suggests that the dogs are constantly searching for a dwelling. 'Let sleeping dogs lie' also springs to ones mind when observing this work.

The gallery has acquired the former shop space at Chapter, which has had a huge positive effect on the way our audience uses the space. Come and see the amazing show and our new space for yourself!

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