Tuesday, 16 October 2012

Tues October 23rd 2012, 7pm

Just to remind you about the next Tooth and Clawr.

We'll be meeting at Chapter (hopefully in the gallery, but otherwise upstairs) on Tuesday the 23rd, at 7. The main texts for this session HG Wells' The Time Machine and Alan Lightman' Einstein's Dreams. Both pieces of writing present a particularly complex ideas on future and time travel. If you would like a copy of the texts then please email us at toothandclawr@gmail.com.

Hope to see you there.


Hello there!
Sorry for the silence since our last Tooth&Clawr session that took place at the end of last July. It was a huge success, with great discussion and debate around the 'Something Like Nothing Happens Anywhere'. The title of the last exhibition was taken from Philip Larkin's 'I Remember I Remember', which gave us a strong literary foundation on which to make our reading selections.

For those who missed the session, or who haven't read the poem this below link to a video of Larkin himself reading the poem is for you:


We are gearing up for a busy and exciting Autumn and Winter programme. Alongside our usual Tooth&Clawr sessions, we will also hold two sessions to compliment Experimentica 2012: Unseen.
We look forward to the fruitful discussions that we will have with you about art and literature in the upcoming months.

Hwyl x